Apologetics: An Introduction

In the pursuit to defend the word of god, Apologetics has been very popular in the Christian world and growing ever stronger with the push to beat atheists at their own game. They’re just missing one big thing to take down the atheists, and that’s logic. 


Sometimes the arguments seem really deep and clever, and the person using the argument is proud to drop a name like C.S. Lewis or Pascal. It’s all well and good to respect a great thinker from history and look into their works, but they were also a product of their time and things have advanced a bit further since then. It’s also a fallacy that is called “argument from authority”, which is an argument that is presented as valid because an important person or source said it. We can learn a lot from the words that great people said, but those words mean nothing if you can’t justify why that argument is valid. Also, these classic apologetic arguments have been around a pretty long time now and many have debunked their arguments and it’s easy to find those counter-arguments.

There are also arguments that don’t seem so deep and clever, it’s usually a script of questions that are meant to be thrown at the non-believer to confound and get them caught up in their own words. Creationists like Sye Ten Bruggencate and Eric Hovind push this type of argument for their followers to study and then go out to face the atheists with. Even though they have the intention of beating their opponent with this method, it isn’t that effective. The questions they ask are mostly malformed and if you were to accept their claims it would only be evidence for a deistic god and not the god from the Christian bible which they are actually trying to claim evidence for. 


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