searching for meaning

Some people have told me that they tried to find god and believe in him because they were looking for meaning and purpose in the world. But then many religious people have said god is so complex and powerful compared to us we couldn’t begin to understand him, let alone understand his purpose for our existence. So why even search if we can’t possibly understand?

What sort of greater purpose would an all powerful being have for what is essentially an ant farm in comparison to him? Us being like an ant farm to god is one of the only purposes I can think of when reflecting back on history. There’s been a lot of chaos and suffering throughout human history, and those who believe in god often claim he’s all powerful, so it makes me imagine god as someone who likes to watch things burn for his own entertainment, much like reality show fans, only he’s able to do something to stop the chaos but doesn’t.

I think most of the time people say god gives life meaning and purpose because they are parroting the claims of other religious people before them and haven’t thought it through. The only explanation I’ve gotten for god giving things meaning is that it must be the case because of a feeling they have. It’s sort of a variation on the argument for god from design, an attempt to find order in the nature of things that isn’t actually there. I think the line of reasoning that god gives meaning and purpose to life speaks to those who are uncomfortable with settling on “I don’t know” as an answer. This is often referred to as “the god of the gaps argument”, whatever we can’t answer for sure is filled in with “god”. It’s about seeking a relief from the anxiety of existence by slapping a simple answer on things.

I also think god giving all of us meaning and purpose cuts into that whole “god gave us free will” thing, but I’ll save free will for another time. But I’ll at least pose this question, if someone is given a predestined purpose, do they have free will?

To me, the important thing about meaning and purpose is that we all find our own. There’s something much more special and valuable about everyone finding it for themselves than relying on feeling a sense of meaning from religious belief. It’s also one of those instances where I think belief in god as an answer to complex life questions can halt deep thinking.



14 thoughts on “searching for meaning

  1. Some people just have this burning desire to know about God. I don’t know if it’s fear of death and the unknown or what.

    I do not have that. My thought is this, God or no God doesn’t really matter. Because I can’t change that fact anyway. Do I think there is a God who tells only certain people how to live? No I do not.
    Do I think there will be something after this life? No idea. Don’t really care. Again, I can’t change the fact if there is or isn’t. And if there isn’t, then so what. Not like I’ll be around to notice.

    I was raised thinking that not only is there a God, but he is our heavenly father. And that he was once a man like us. And that we can also become gods and have our own planets. No, stop laughing. I am being serious. I was taught and even believed that. That God gave his truth to just a few of us and we had it and we had to share it.

    Of course now I look at that as stupid. And if God was like that? Then he’s an ass.

    Great post!!!! Keep it up!

  2. I think this boils down to god must be real because the alternative frightens me. I know I was a little scared when I started questioning. There is a lot of ‘what about…?’ There is a maturity in accepting we are not in control and do not have all the answers. As you said, we decided the meaning of our own lives. That is empowering. There is plenty of purpose and beauty to find without needing mythology to add it.

  3. If there really were a god, I would want to know all I could know about her. I’d also like to know what the fuck she thinks she’s doing. But I don’t believe in god, so I have to supply my own sense of meaning and purpose to life. Life really is a journey and an adventure when you have to make your own meaning. It is far more interesting.

    • There is a God and if you can read the Bible, the truth is there.. God is very real and so far we have journeyed right to the very ending of the book. Don’t believe man, believe God’s Holy Word.. Go to a church that will help you to understand how important it is to save your soul. Wouldn’t you rather believe in God and die knowing your going to heaven, or would you rather not believe in God and when you die, find out that He really does exist? it took me many years before I come to Christ and believe me, His way is much better then my way. I was thinking, who cares once you die you die.. not so.. Your soul will remain, either in heaven or hell.. God loves you and showed us all by Jesus Christ.. Just look up on YouTube sometime, and check out the movies on Jesus, and really pay attention to what he did for you and me. It’s heart breaking to think God came down as man, Jesus, and was whipped and tortured, spit on, a crown of thorns were embedded into his head, he was nailed, oh how sad that was to see the nails go into each hand and both feet.. he is real, please believe that and get saved. The time is near, the bible has played out to be true thus far, why do you think the Democrats want to rid of the Christians, believe me if God were not real, then why bother… Love Jeannie from a tiny island near Canada…
      PS God is not a female, it states very clearly in His Word, the Bible that no man is to be called the father but the Father Himself, he is male…

  4. Dear young lady, I have added you to my blog-site some months ago, and the reason for myself adding you was your devotion in finding the truth, whether consciously or sub-consciously. People feel the need to close their need for answers, being that, that haven’t any. I have all the answers they need, though, not the answers they want. Who is this, you might ask. Why, for the lack of a better term present, I am God. However, to avoid confusion, you may call us Vön, being that God is 2 people, or, 2 consciousness’. Yes, atheistnerdgirl, that higher consciousness reads your blogs, along with my wife/mother. Do I expect you to believe me, or, us? No.
    However, my words will make you curious, and then, maybe then, you will find that what you have been looking was right here, this entire time. Who knew.

  5. I can understand how a person could not believe in “god”, after all, just take a look around you. When society, globally, decides to believe in something, an idea, a . . . religion, they allow someone else to decide for them, what to think and what to believe in, and not themselves. Life is simple, that’s how it was designed to be, man, more so than “mankind”, made it the way it is now. A living hell. And the “funny” part is, “God” has been trying to prove she and he are back, however, “he” has been having trouble with getting just 1 person to meet with him. The humorous part about this dilemma, to us, is, people have been asking and begging and pleading for a “sign from God”, something, anything, to let people know that she’s back and with her man, and ready to fix things, and not a single person has yet to pick up on any of our “signs”, which couldn’t be any more obvious than this comment.

  6. The bible was written from an insane asylum almost 2,000 years ago. It was scribbled on a wall and copied from a guard. We know, we were there. The funny thing is, atheistnerdgirl, God is here and commenting on your blog, and the “best” thing is, you will never believe it, atheistnerdgirl. You see, that is why it is “cool” to be God, no hoovened beast will ever be smart enough to catch on. By the way, where is my post?

  7. Why is the bible always the response from those of organized religion, wanting to help us agnostic or atheist? There is no evidence that this book is any more truthful than Dracula or Dr. Seuss. The bible is just another firm of faith based currency like the dollar. It only works when people believe in it. Never the other way around.

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