ay Pepe

If you had told me years ago that the frog popular with 4chan users would be declared a hate symbol, I would have thought you were crazy. As this year has progressed I’ve had a hard time shaking the feeling that our world is continually getting dumber. Of course that’s a very dramatic way of looking at things, there’s been copious amounts of stupidity in human history since the beginning of human history. We just have an easier time witnessing the stupidity now thanks to the internet. I think I’m mostly bothered by the fact that we’ve made it this far and still haven’t learned from our mistakes.

Pepe the frog is a good example of how we find scapegoats and don’t actually address real problems. I really don’t think we have to worry about the keyboard warriors who like the pouty amphibian. The only thing we have to worry about them doing is voting for Trump, but that’s just exercising their right as Americans to vote for the candidate they like best. When I first noticed him used in regards to Trump I saw it as making light of how the bloated old New Yorker looks like a frog man. Trump also seems to embody the internet troll or 4chan user sort of persona with his brashness and lack of consideration for what is coming out of his mouth, although unlike the trolls he’s not hiding behind anonymous user names. So it wasn’t surprising at all that the shit-poster segment of the web seems to love the candidate.

There’s many reasons I don’t like Trump, but there’s one thing about him that I have to reluctantly admit that I like and it’s why I can sort of sympathize with the Pepe the frog alt-right types. It’s the fact that he’s willing to say Islam is not a religion of peace. I’m a leftist through and through, I strongly believe in human rights and freedom of speech, it’s one of the reasons I can’t help but say Islam is an awful religion. So every time I hear Hillary or another democrat say something along the lines of Islam being peaceful, I can’t help but get angry and feel betrayed by the side I thought cared deeply about human rights. The left’s concern for being extra sensitive and politically correct has made them into liars that disregard human suffering in order to not look racist or Islamophobic.

It’s because of that it’s hard to tell how much of the alt-right community is actually racist because the left is quick to label people as such to shut down discussion. Labeling Pepe as a hate symbol on the same level as the Confederate Flag and swastika is just taking that to a higher level. Talking about how deplorable these Pepe fans are distracts from the fact that Hillary refuses to address real issues. I don’t think Trump is really addressing real issues either, but at least when it comes to the topic of Islam it’s not obvious lies.

I’m going to hold my nose and place my vote for Hillary in November mostly because I’m worried that a Trump presidency would reverse any progress the Obama administration had and there’s a Supreme Court spot on the line. I just would be happier to place that vote if Hillary was more willing to address concerns of her opposition instead of jumping to label and pander to the politically correct. Although that may be asking too much since that’s a rational wish and it seems we have been reaching unprecedented amounts of crazy as time goes on. I’m still beside myself that a cartoon frog has been declared a hate symbol while a religion that has caused a lot of pain and suffering is called peaceful.




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