I’m a nerd who loves things like Star Trek, Adventure Time, My Little Pony: Friendship is magic, Simpsons, Futurama, talking about things related to religion, and many many more things! This blog is to share my thoughts on mostly religion, but if other topics seem worthy of sharing I will write about them. Feel free to give me feedback and thanks for visiting!

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram @pooroldkilgore and watch my videos at http://www.youtube.com/c/pooroldkilgore


36 thoughts on “About

  1. Heya, What’s your email? I had a couple questions for you—I left a comment in the other thread and was going to follow up to your response. Or if you don’t wish to post it perhaps you can email me? Would super appreciate it! Ali

  2. I’m a novelist and have a book coming out that you might really like. It’s about what happens when humanity runs in to aliens that think they are made in god’s image too. Actually, it’s got a lot of really cool sci-fi stuff and that heavy theme is the backdrop. Maybe you’d like to read it and use it as the basis of one of your blog posts? It’s called “Timberwolf” and is being published in September.

  3. A tad shallow perhaps… Methinks it’s more to do with the quality of the mind and the way she expresses her opinions…

  4. I do enjoy reading your posts on here and Twitter. I concur with almost all of what you have to say about religion. I am also a huge Star Trek fan. What are your thoughts on DS9?

  5. Good day!
    Really enjoy your blog and your writing is articulate, thoughtful and compelling. I think there are many synergies between us.
    I’m a filmmaker/actor and just completed a period action film in the vein of ‘Spartacus’ meets ‘Vikings’…you familiar? I would like to show you my film if you’re interested? Moreover, I’m interested in communicating with you and meeting in person. Please let me know your thoughts and enjoy your weekend!

  6. Awesome awesome Blog!! I love it. No lie, I had a my little pony sleeping bag as a kid. I dont know why but I loved the damn thing.

  7. Very nice blog! Well thought out and well said. It’s nice to come to the internet and hear what atheists have to say, since I know only one handful of atheists personally. I’m a nerd and an atheist, but I cannot be as honest as I’d like to be in many cases because of my job. I’d lose lots of money if I openly spouted my militant atheism. Plus, many religious people have a blatant disdain for atheists. A woman I know was conversing on FB about an acquaintance she and another believer both knew who was an atheist. They were horrified. Oh well… I’m secretly horrified that most people believe such inane, angry, violent, controlling fairy tales.

  8. Hi Alyssa. Just wanted to tell you that you’re the most beautiful girl I’ve seen. I would love to lose my virginity to you! LOL! I’m a shy, cute nerd not far from NYC. Let me know.

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